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Manage all your social media accounts in one central location. Our social media platform is a easy to use interface that integrates with your profiles enabling scheduling power and more.
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All social media interaction is in one place with a single login to the easy to use, intuitive dashboard which works smoothly on desktop, tablet & mobile.

Save time by managing all of your social media marketing efforts from a single dashboard. With the Launch Consulting platform, you get the tools to manage all your social profiles and automatically find and schedule effective social content.
Main Features
Easy Access
Access across all devices and social platforms.
Easily Find Content
Easily find relevant and engaging content, create high impact image posts with zero Photoshop experience and schedule it all in advance all on our platform.
Secure & Save 
Keep all your profiles safe with access to content feeds while being able to check on your competition.
Measure best performing content & hashtags, find optimal times of day to post & easily reschedule most successful content.
Automate Your Social Media Marketing
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Launch Consulting Company is a local Indiana based Digital Marketing Agency that is committed to sharing clients  unique message and marketing through digital marketing. WE help companies, business mangers and entrepreneurs just like you!
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 Time saving tool
You will LOVE dashboard, giving you a time saving tool. You can schedule social posts for any time in the future, access a library of pre-prepared social content (depending on your use) and create stunning visual posts with over 60 templates (including branded templates if required) and over 1 MILLION stock photographs. There's also Hashtag Research, Content Research and much, much more to supercharge their use of social media.
Strengthen Your Marketing
The Launch Consulting dashboard broadens visibility and effectiveness of any marketing message and marketing by tracking and amplifying social success.
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