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The Complete Business Leads Course 2018: Beginner to Expert
Created by: Leland Baptist  |   updated: 1/2018   |   Language: English (USA)
Business leads, the most easy way possible.
Make sure that you have a gmail address and internet access. If you are outside of the United States of America, please make sure that you use a VPN so that it can cover your IP address.
"All you need is internet, google and access to a google spreadsheet."
Once you are prepared to begin make sure that you proceed to the next step.
How To Google Search Business: Lesson 1 
Basic business search for leads on
This method of business search is the most easiest. It does not require too much time per day. However you do not want to wait until the last minute.
Step 1: Choose the city and location. Start off with cities in Middle America such as cities in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Alabama and so forth.

List of Middle America Cities

List of South Eastern America Cities

"Leads and it's consistency is most important to any business."
After conquering the following regions above, we can later venture to other regions of the United States.

List of USA Regions
From this method alone, there should be a minimum of 20 per day. The business leads should be added to this google sheets document.

Business Leads Google Sheets
Find Facebook Business Lead
Facebook will allow you to reach all the business alliances available.
This method will allow you obtain a minimum of 20 leads per day.
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